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Brisa offers architectural services specializing in infrastructure and industrial facility designs and the latest in high definition photorealistic rendering and videos. Our videos are integrated with sound and voice description to provide a powerful visual and audio demonstration of new technology innovations or facility designs. We incorporate cutaways of buildings or machinery in-process and facility fly-through perspectives to display in detail all important aspects of a design, along with verbal description to create the perfect marketing or educational tool.


Brisa provides world-class expertise in civil, industrial, mechanical, electrical, and chemical engineering, and other engineering disciplines. Brisa also works with over 50 engineering firms worldwide to draw on the best expertise available for project planning and implementation. Our engineers introduce innovative approaches to enhance current technologies.


Brisa’s scientists have industry-leading expertise in biology, chemistry, physics, and environmental sciences. Our scientists work in a synergistic fashion with our engineers to bring the latest ideas and research into new facility designs. Our scientists research and advise our clients on breakthroughs in fields of interest.


Brisa, in conjunction with its worldwide partners, plans and coordinates the construction of a wide variety of infrastructure facilities. All construction is carried out in accordance with local laws and construction codes. Brisa works with the client to interface effectively throughout the construction process, and updates the client on budget, timeline, and landmarks achieved.




Wastewater Treatment

Includes plants based on conventional wastewater treatment, and new designs utilizing cutting edge technologies, such as algae in the wastewater treatment process to dramatically lower energy use, carbon footprint, and cost, while accomplishing better treatment and generating revenues.

Power Generation

Includes traditional power generation and renewable solar, wind, biomass/waste-to energy, and other innovative integrated power/infrastructure systems. Brisa brings together top industry experts to design systems to optimize power production and to minimize cost.

Water Bottling

These facilities are designed in cooperation with the world’s leading bottling companies to utilize the most modern technologies, to greatly increase operational efficiency and reduce water waste.

Solar Power

We provide full project planning and execution of both solar photovoltaic and solar thermal (troughs and towers) facilities. Brisa works with its clients to study the site and make recommendations on the type of solar project most suitable to the geographical area in question. We then bring together all of the best project expertise necessary for project development, engineering, construction, and operation and maintenance.

Wind Farms

Brisa has top wind program management experience on staff. Brisa also draws on the best resources worldwide to plan and implement all phases of wind farm projects. Brisa developed and in-depth technical capability matrix detailing the best companies in every area of services needed in the wind industry, and makes use of this system to select and compete the top companies in the world to prove both the highest level of expertise and best value to our wind clients.

Seawater Desalination

Brisa uses the best technologies in the world in its desalination projects. Our designs allow for seamless incorporation of technology improvements over time. These projects are modular and scalable.

Solid Waste Processing

Includes recycling, landfills and cutting-edge waste-to-energy conversion of municipal, logging, agricultural, and other waste, and wastewater treatment sludge reuse. Brisa’s waste-to-energy systems are the best in the world and greatly reduce startup costs and day-to-day operational costs while also capturing more energy per ton than any other system on the market.

Biofuel Generation & Processing

Facility designs include those for both terrestrial biofuel projects and algae-based projects. Brisa provides the research necessary to inform and advise the client as to the viability of biofuels projects.